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  • awesome nature

    Have You Seen…Awesome Nature Facts (35 pics)

    Mother Nature is truly awe inspiring. There are things in this world that are almost beyond comprehension. They can stop you in your tracks and have you contemplating our place in this giant universe. More

  • unusual homes

    Have You Seen…Unusual Homes (25 pics)

    We all dream of owning the most incredible home, a place to rest our head that inspires jealously and awe among our friends. The world is full on some stunning and unique dwellings that can just be fun to take in. All over the world there are architects and dreamers building homes ranging from beautiful, to odd and everything in between. More

  • eccentric nature

    Have You Seen…Eccentric Animals and Plants (20 pics)

    Nature is awesome and it can produce some truly awe inspiring sights. It can also be funny and whimiscal with some silly animals and unique plants. Here we explore some of the more adorable and interesting images of animals and plants in nature. More

  • perfectly timed

    Have You Seen…Perfectly Timed Photos (20 pics)

    Even the best photographer can struggle to get just the right shot, waiting and searching to capture that perfect gem. But sometime it can just be luck of the draw and even an amateur can capture something amazing. These photos prove that coincidence can create awesomeness. More

  • minecraft animals

    Have You Seen…Minecraft Animal Art in Real Life

    Minecraft has such a unique aesthetic style, so distinct with its block inspiration. Artist; Aditya Aryanto from Indonesia, was inspired to apply this aesthetic style to the animal form to create “Anicube” or “Animal Cube”. The results are pretty amazing and quite whimsical to look at. More

  • Have You Seen…10 Awesome Short Videos

    From animals to human behavior, to historical discoveries, there is so much awesome stuff in the world being captured. Check out this assortment of short videos, some funny, some interesting, some crazy! More

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