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  • overloaded vehicle

    Have You Seen…Most Overloaded Vehicles Imaginable (15 pics)

    Moving is among the least enjoyable things that anyone has to do, but sometimes you gotta get stuff from point A to point B. When this happens, you might find yourself wanting to get it done as quickly as possible in as few trips as possible. This desire can lead to getting “creative” in the way you load yourself up. More

  • crazy hair


    Have You Seen…Wild and Crazy Creative Hairdos (15 pics)

    Sometimes people have too much time on their hands or sometimes they are just so creative they just have to find an outlet. And still sometimes people just do stuff and it ends up being really cool. These hairdos probably fall somewhere in between on that spectrum. More

  • movie mistakes

    Have You Seen…Movie and TV Errors You Probably Missed (21 pics)

    We all love a good movie or TV show that provides an escape from the day to day grind. Sometimes these escapes get us so sucked in that we miss the fine details that are occassionnally overlooked by the production crew. Once they are pointed out they are so obvious and often pretty funny. You […] More

  • karen in the wild


    Have You Seen…These Terrible Karens (10 videos)

    The world is filled with entitled and selfish people who are incapable or unwilling to think about anything other than themselves. It can be hard to watch these people in action, but it can also be impossible to look away. There is a term that has been applied to describe these types of “people” or outbursts, its called being a “Karen”. More

  • unusual homes

    Have You Seen…Unusual Homes (25 pics)

    We all dream of owning the most incredible home, a place to rest our head that inspires jealously and awe among our friends. The world is full on some stunning and unique dwellings that can just be fun to take in. All over the world there are architects and dreamers building homes ranging from beautiful, to odd and everything in between. More

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