Have You Seen…10 Awesome Short Videos

Not every cool or interesting video has to be long, some quite short videos can be extremely satisfying. It is so interesting to see how much awesome content can be captured in less than 20 seconds. Its always fun to be in the know so when there are videos this cool out in the world, you just have to make sure you have seen them.

From animals to human behavior, to historical discoveries, there is so much awesome stuff in the world being captured. Check out this assortment of short videos, some funny, some interesting, some crazy!

Watch this bobcat make this impressive jump

He is so graceful and so cunning, nature is awe inspiring.

Watch this specialized machine move lanes on the golden gate bridge

It is almost mesmerizing to watch this traffic switch. You never really think about how stuff like this happens.

Watch these guys as the use this machine to plant trees!

Everyday life for these guys, but so interesting to see such a simple task done in such a clever way.

There’s a reason they call him Air Jordan

Simply the GOAT. You could make the greatest collection of videos just using Jordan highlights if you wanted to.

Something is wrong with my boat engine… but I can’t tell what.

You wouldn’t have guessed this coming, but it is hilarious when you see it.

This 135,000 year old rock sure has a surprise inside

So perfect it almost has to be man made, but in fact it is the handy work of the greatest artist, mother nature.

But I haven’t even started to make the bread yet…

Who knew watching dough rise could be so enticing. It is hard to look away from something so basic, yet so cool.

Sheep dogs apparently can herd anything. even these ducks!

Not quite herding cats but I didn’t realize dogs could herd basically anything. These dogs are so talented!

Guess I’m done watching my show…

Cat pounce! So adorable and playful, makes you wish you had a kitten to play with right now.

This solar flare on the sun is the size of 15 earths!

I could see this being a screensaver that you can just stare at endlessly. Incredible to imagine to size and scale of this phenomenon.



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