Have You Seen…Crazy, Cool, and Confusing Photos and Memes (25 pics)

There is a lot of random stuff in this world. Stuff that can make you laugh, stuff that can make you scratch your head, and stuff that can make you think. It can be an endless stream of stuff. Sometimes you just gotta sit back and take it in, enjoy the little things and not overthink it. Not everything has to make sense or have a place, things can just be outliers and that can be OK.

With that in mind, we take a stroll down a road of randomness. We look at funny pictures, crazy pictures, odd pictures, and everything in between. Here are some of the most oddly satisfying and humorous photos to pass a little time.

liquid zoo
I like this title better, I would go here.

social distancing dogs
Worst dog ever!

angry chicken
Chicken revenge is on the way

bad ramp
Challenge Accepted!

animal aircraft carrier
They are evolving

mj pizza
So is it not normal to eat a whole pizza by yourself?

ninja turtle bush
I am watching you…

Natures drone program

smart car fart
Oh god roll down a window

It’ll be less weird when I bring my “date”

turtle lock
This unlocks a secret door to Narnia or something

pregnant cat
On the next episode of I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant

police bulls
Damn, mounted police aren’t messing around

apple blossom jeans
Boots with the fur

We are union, doesn’t matter

faking it
The internet is nothing but lies

be here a while
Gonna be here a while

remember me
Remember me?


Worst nightmare come true

covid baptism

lego war
It’s a conspiracy

walking llama
Just walking my Llama, nothing to see here

what do i do
I don’t know what to do!!

You gotta taste my meat bro

Hopefully these random funny photos and memes brought a little light to your day and maybe got a little laugh. Sometimes its the little things that makes all the difference.

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