Have You Seen…Derpy Animals So Goofy You Have To Laugh (11 videos)

Animals are not always the graceful majestic creatures we expect. Just like humans, they can have a little goofiness in them and when they do their derpy little things, it can be incredibly funny. Whether its do a silly dance, not realizing something obvious, or just plain acting like weirdos, these animals show their funnier side and we get to enjoy the hilarious videos as a result.

We have found a few of the funnier examples of when mother nature goes wrong and produces silly animal behavior. Maybe it makes you laugh, maybe it makes you say awww, or maybe it just makes you feel better the next time you do something goofy yourself knowing it can get the best of us.

So, did these make you laugh, smile, or face palm? Do you have any goofy animals in your life?

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