Have You Seen…Fun Facts To Make You Sound Smart (20 Pics)

Who doesn’t like being the smartest guy in the room? It can be fun to have a little factoid in your pocket, ready to be whipped out at any time to show off your wealth of knowledge. These can used to impress or used to simply show off. Its never a bad idea to have at least a few of these types of things on hand. With that in mind, we have compiled quite a list of mind blowing facts for you.

Some of these are interesting, some unbelievable, some quite curious, but all of them are true and all of them are sure to make an impression when used at the right time. These may not all fall in your wheelhouse, but they are memorable to say the least. Enjoy expanding your field of knowledge with these fun facts.

#1) Cows Have Best Friends

Cows are not the basic animals they seem, they are actually quite complex and social creatures. Scientists have found that Cows develop close friendships and even can be traced to having a single “Best Friend”.


#2) Some Cats Can Be Allergic To Humans

While we know that all cats couldn’t care less about humans, it turns out that the same way humans can have allergies to cats, cats can have allergies to humans. While rare, and with little symptoms since we do not shed the way animals do, it is possible.


#3) A “Pinky Promise” Technically Means If You Break The Oath You Must Cut Off The Little Finger

Originating in Japan, during the Edo period (1603 – 1868) bandit clans used this oath style to prove their loyalty. The migration of this tradition into the lives of little kids came much later.


#4) “Muscle” Comes From A Latin Term Meaning “Little Mouse”

The latin term musculus was used by ancient Romans to describe what looked to be the appearance of a tiny rodent when the bicep was flexed.


#5) “Canada” Means “Big Village”

When translated, the word “Canada” actually means “big village”. It’s origin is a Native American word. It’s pretty fitting when you think about it.

#6) A Chameleon Tongue IS Twice As Long As Its Body

It is also one of the fastest tongues of any animal. At this ratio, it would be the equivalent of a human having a 10 to 12 foot long tongue.


#7) Competitive Art Used To Be An Olympic Sport

Between 1912 – 1948 there were Olympic Medals awarded for painting, sculpture, architecture, and music. However these events were removed in the post-war era. The oldest Olympic medalist won for an engraving in 1948, he was 73.


#8) Ants Outnumber People On Earth 1.6 Million to 1.

It is estimated there are between 1 – 10 quadrillion ants living on Earth. That would mean there are more than 1 million ants for every person living on Earth. There total mass would also be roughly the same as mankind.


#9) Tic Tac’s Are Named For The Sound Their Container Makes

Ferrero established the name in 1970 saying that it is inspired from the tic and tac sound the container makes when opened and closed.


#10) There Is 200 Times More Gold In The Ocean Than Has Ever Been Mined In Human History

The Oceans are rich in gold, many times more than what has ever been mined on land. It is hard to get to and extract though.


#11) The Most Toxic Mineral In The World Has A Delicious Name

The mineral is called “Cinnabar”, it means “dragon’s blood” and it forms near Volcano’s. The main ore of Mercury, it can be identified by the red crystals it forms as a warning sign.


#12) Chef’s Hats Have Exactly 100 Pleats

Meant to represent the 100 ways to cook an egg, chef’s hats; official name “toque”; are traditionally made with 100 pleats in them.


#13) Strawberries Aren’t “Berries” But Bananas Are

What we know as the “berry” of the Strawberry is in fact just a receptacle for the true tree fruit, which are the green and white seeds. The Banana plant is however a giant grass and bananas are its berries.

#14) Green Eggs and Ham Was Written As Part Of A Bet

Dr. Seuss’ publisher bet him that he couldn’t write a book using 50 words or fewer after he had written the Cat in the Hat with just 236 words. Green Eggs and Ham comes in at exactly 50 words.

#15) 14% of Los Angeles is Parking Lot

A report in the Journal of the American Planning Association quantified just how much of the city caters to automobiles, calculating that 14% of all land on Los Angeles is devoted to parking.

#16) The Queen of England is a Trained Mechanic

At the age of 16, Queen Elizabeth II joined the British Employment Agency The Labour Exchange, where she learned truck repair, including how to repair engines and change tires.


#17) Our Foot Is As Long As Our Forearm; Our Thumb Is As Long As Our Nose; Our Lips Are As Long As Our Index Fingers

Go ahead, we’ll wait while you check. These are the standard proportions of Man as identified by Leonardo da Vinci in the Vitruvian Man. This has been used by artists for centuries to paint people.

#18) Where the Wild Things Are Was Supposed To Be About Horses

The 1963 book was inspired by author Maurice Sendak’s childhood, based on a young boy who finds himself in a land filled with wild horses. Sendak’s editor loved the idea, however Sendak was also the book’s illustrator and he could not draw horses. He could draw “wild things” and so the entire book’s premise was changed to fit this skill.


#19) There Was A Successful Tinder Match In Antarctica

In 2014 a pair of research scientists matched on Tinder. A man working at Antarctica’s McMurdo Station and a woman camping 45 minutes by helicopter away, found they had successfully matched.


#20) Monkey’s Check Their Crotch In The Mirror

Neurobiologists have noticed that whenever primates are placed in front of a mirror, as soon as they realize they are seeing “themselves” the first thing they all do is check their crotch.


10 More Quick Facts

Walt Disney was afraid of mice

Salvadore Dali designed the Chupa Chups logo

When split into two or more pieces, provided that each piece retains enough of the center disc, each piece of a starfish will grow into a new, individual starfish

Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” sold more copies than any single by The Beatles

Giraffes can go without water for longer than camels

The American accent is more deeply rooted in England than the current British accent

Humans in peak condition can outrun any animal on earth in a marathon

It’s illegal to tickle a woman in Virginia

Google’s Page rank algorithm is named after Larry Page, not Web pages

Honey never goes bad. Archaeologists have found 2000-year-old jars of honey in Egyptian tombs, which still tasted delicious

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