Have You Seen…Guy Recreates Girls Tinder Profile Pics (30 pics)

Australian Jarrod Allen had a great idea that took off. He decided to perfectly recreate the profile pics of the girls he was seeing on Tinder. This idea turned into a phenomenon, garnering all kinds of attention and press coverage, he even landed a few endorsements. It must be a crazy feeling going viral. We get to enjoy his great imagination and even better photo staging skills.

Jarrod is not the only one to be inspired though, his idea sparked some copycats that did a pretty good job themselves. We are adding in a few of these tributes as well to create a robust gallery of fun for all to enjoy.

Source: paperkut/imgur

As promised, here is a collection of copycats. They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, I think these imitators do a pretty good job of maintaining the spirit of the fun.


What would it look like if someone mocked your Tinder pics? Would you be flattered or mortified? Either way I bet it would be pretty funny for the rest of us.

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