Have You Seen…Insane Pro Athlete Quarantine Workouts

Despite not being able to continue their training in the world or with their teams, these athletes are making sure to stay in shape so they are ready to go when the world starts to go back to normal.

It is truly amazing and inspiring what these athletes are capable of. To see them being able to find ways to keep it up during such difficult times is even more inspiring.

Meanwhile me and most of my friends are ordering online delivery and eating everything we can to “feel normal”.

#1) A Crazy Russian Swimmer

Russian competitive swimmer Yuliya Yefimova’s home workout is intense. She doesn’t even look like a fish out of water. She must have abs of steel!

#2) Tim Tebow Remains a Beast

Tim Tebow continues to show he is dedicated to making his name in baseball by staying ready to go. If you can throw a medicine ball you can throw a baseball.


#3) Lebron Can’t Wait For The Season To Come Back

Not allowing himself a chance to skip a beat, Lebron wants to be in his best shape to dominate. He’s got a Kimbo Slice vibe going on.


#4) Soccer Stars Keeping Up, Sergio Ramos Gets After It

What is that space age treadmill and why does it make this run look so much more impressive?


#5) The Mountain Just Breaking World Records

This man just lifted over 1,000 pounds and I get winded after walking up my home stairs. We are spending quarantine doing very different things.




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