Have You Seen…The Best Fast Food Specials For Quarantine

A lot of us are missing good food during this lockdown. Sure maybe you can get some takeout or delivery here and there but its not the daily option we grew so used to having. But its not all bad, there are some companies stepping up and getting creative and offering some pretty cool stuff.

Here is a list of the best fast food restaurants to eat at during COVID.

#1) Taco Bell Taco Bar

Now you can create your own personal taco bar at home with Taco Bells NEW Taco Bar! Make it a fiesta!

#2) Mc Donald’s FREE Thank You Meal

Mc Donalds is offering a free meal to all health care workers for a limited time!

#3) Free Delivery At Popeyes

Popeyes is giving us a treat with free delivery! With that kind of deal, that chicken sandwich is a must have.

#4) Carl’s Jr, Buy One Get One For $1

2 for 1 is always a great deal. Carl’s Jr is offering a buy one get one for $1 deal on their sandwiches.

#5) FREE Coupons On Burger Kings Website

Burger King is offering some awesome coupons directly on their website. The coupons are buy one get one free, discounted meals, and family meals.

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