Have You Seen…The Top 5 Drinking Fails

In a time when we might all be missing “going to the club”, these top 5 drinking fails might ease that yearning by reminding us the club isn’t always a happy place and drinking doesn’t always end well. It is OK to laugh at the pain of others sometimes, its just the way life can be. Sooner or later we will be on the other end so might as well enjoy it while we can.

#1) Not the hot dance partner he thought

What do you think was going through his head when he turned around?


#2) Drunk People Doing Drunk Things

Man, people can do some crazy stuff when drunk.


#3) Cross The River To Get To The Fun

So close yet so far, she almost had it.


#4) More Drunk Memories

Not all memories are happy ones.


#5) Drunk Pictures Last Forever

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