Have You Seen…The Top 5 Zoom Meeting Fails

Video Confrencing Gone Wrong

Zoom is not the easiest technology and it is something that a lot of people had to try and get used to very quickly. It did not go over as well for some and that resulted in quite a few comedic moments. Some of those moments are caught on the very technology causing them, and we all get to enjoy it because of that.

Welcome to the world of working at home and school where your private life is on public display. Watch these 5 videos and see how people had to learn to use Zoom the hard way.

#1) Great Meeting Gone Wrong

It’s funny how one moment you think your meeting went great, and the next your learning that you forgot to shut off your camera. Will this poor soul be able to survive after this Zoom fail?

#2) Zoom Epic Fail

With an epic fail of this magnitude, do you think this girl could ever go back to work? Or does she need to just quit on the spot? Who knew Zoom could ruin your life.

#3) Teacher In Distress

It’s funny how this teacher tries to keep his cool when so many things go wrong. What a class of characters this teacher has to deal with!

#4) Peaceful Be Gone

With such a peaceful beginning this video ends with a swipe of the hand and a frustrated face. Maybe this Zoom caller will look into moving her office into a room with a lock on the door.

#5) SNL Gets In On The Fun

Zoom Call Fails are becoming so common and normal that they are being worked into our favorite sketch comedy series. Here SNL gives their take on this phenomenon.

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