Have You Seen…These Videos That Make You Flinch

If you like scary movies or just a good jolt then we might have something for you. It can be quite fun to be a little scared or grossed out, but there is a fine line. I wonder if we have crossed it, you’ll have to be the judge yourself.

Try not to flinch while watching these videos. It comes out of no where, not for the faint of heart!

#1) Eating a Wild Mushroom

I don’t think he knew much about what he was eating, but he certainly got more than he bargained for!

#2) Greatest Fear Driving on the Highway

We’ve all played this scenario out while driving, you just hope you never actually have it happen!

#3) This Ghost Video

There is a ghost in a rocking chair, just wait and see when the other ghosts show up! Bet you didn’t expect that!

#4) Just a Car Driving on a Road

Follow this car as it drives down the winding road… Seems pretty uneventful right? Did you flinch?

#5) Just a Kid Singing a Song

This kid just wants to sing you a song, because you are his special friend!



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