Have You Seen…Top 5 Dogs Who REALLY Love Food

Dogs are the best. they are just unconditional love machines that care about you no matter what. But that love factor does seem to go up quite a few notches when there is food involved.

I would consider myself a big foodie who really enjoys a good meal, but nothing compares to when a dog shows unmitigated interest in food. They can be scandalous in their desire.

#1) Did I Hear Whip Creammmm

I haven’t heard someone laugh at anything as much as the person that showed me this video was laughing. It is pretty epic.


#2) Puppy Can’t Eat Fast Enough

This little guy can’t even remember to breath, this food is the MOST exciting thing that has ever happened to him.


#3) He Loves Food So Much He Can Imagine It

You can see his mind being confused by what isn’t there but wanting it bad enough to play along.


#4) Not Leaving It To Chance, He Is Going To Let You Know What He Wants

Not content to sit and stare, this little guy is making it clear he wants food in his bowl.


#5) This Dog Literally Throws His Bowl To Demand Food

Demanding Shiba Inu Dog Throws Food Bowl At Owner

"Look at my empty bowl Karen. Dammit, just look at it."

Posted by Woof Woof on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

He is not messing around, he is ready to be fed!




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