Have You Seen…Unusual and Amazing Military Gadgets & Gear

This Memorial Day we take a look at some of the coolest and most unusual Military items that exist. Some of these are incredible, some are strange, all are stunning that they even exist. Its crazy to see what our tax dollars go towards and even crazier to think about the stuff being built we probably don’t even know about. With unlimited funds and access to the brightest minds, there is virtually no limit to what can be conceived of and built.

We are a long ways away from the internet starting as a Military project. How long until its basically terminator come to life and there are deadly robots coming off the line? We basically have the tech as is.

Enjoy a look at some of the coolest gear the military has…that we know of.

#1) C4oPS Hybrid Headset

This high tech headset was developed by the military to help offset the problem of battlefield noise. Amongst the chaos of helicopters and other distracting noise, these headsets help soldiers tune it all out and stay on task.


#2) Prism 200c Backpack

Remember when you were a kid and you had this crazy dream of being able to see through walls? Well it turns out this can be done and the military decided to make it happen. This backpack can be placed on a wall and the Bluetooth technology connects to a phone to deliver a 3D image of the other side of the wall.


#3) TEC Torch

A Real Life “Lightsaber” Capable of Cutting Through Doors! This torch creates a 5,000 degree flame that can slice through steel in seconds.


#4) BAE ADAPTIV Camouflage & Quantum Stealth Camouflage

Another gadget straight out of the mind of children, this technology has been developed to mask Military Vehicle’s infrared signature, shielding them from detection and blending them with their surroundings. BAE ADAPTIV is great for Vehicles while Quantum fits smaller applications.


#5) Bodyguard Electro Gauntlet

A Swiss Army Knife like personal protector, this tool comes with a laser pointer, a video camera, and a 500,000 volt taser.


#6) One Shot XG

Basically a robo-sniper, this tool greatly enhances the effectiveness of military snipers allowing them to increase their range and accuracy.


#7) Cornershot

If you have ever watched an action movie and thought it would be really useful if people could shoot around corners, well now they can. With this device, it is possible to modify a weapon so that with the use of a camera you can actually fire from the safety of a corner defense position.


#8) Injectable Sponges That Can Stop Bleeding

Not every invention is deadly, some help save lives. These injectable sponges are designed to be able to help stop bleeding in wounds where tourniquets aren’t an option.


#9) MAARS (Modular Advanced Robotic System)

Basically a Roomba with a gun mounted on it, this deadly robot takes soldiers out of harm’s way while packing a deadly payload. This baby can be fitted with a 400 round M240B Machine Gun or a Grenade Launcher.


#10) EXACTO Bullets

Bullets that can change their trajectory mid-air? Yep! The Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance Program is developing a smart, self guided bullet to align with a target


#11) Dragonfly Surveillance Robot

Straight out of a spy movie, this little guy is capable of providing intelligence and data to soldiers for recon ahead of any action.


#12) HULC (Human Universal Load Carrier)

Turning soldiers into super soldiers, this device retrofits a soldier to increase natural human abilities. A hydraulic-powered exoskeleton, this helps transport heavy loads over long periods of time without exhaustion. This is the precursor to full cybernetics.


While these technologies are awesome to say the least, none of it does us any good without the Men and Women who serve. We salute our armed forces and Thank them for their service this Memorial Day!

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