Have You Seen…Wild Animal Videos (12 videos)

Nature and wild animals are crazy! It is unbelievable to see what goes on in the wild when we usually aren’t watching. From majestic animals to unreal insects, the world is full of wonders. It can be good to witness this wild side of the world to remind ourselves that there is so much more than the city life we are so used to.

It is so cool to watch these wild displays and just be a witness to the wonder. I certainly wouldn’t want to find myself in the middle of any of this, but I do enjoy watching it from the safety of my screen. Enjoy some of the greatest displays of Mother Nature in all her glory.

Lions fighting over a kill

Leopard doesn’t know what to do when it gets its prey

Ants vs Termites

Puma defends cub against bear

Gorilla blocks traffic while family crosses the street

Rhino protects its young against elephant

This epic marlin

These monkeys fighting over food now that tourists aren’t around to give them any
This monster crocodile walking while a herd of deer watch

This water buffalo with 3 horns

This carnivorous plant feasting

This brilliantly colored giant spider

Did your appreciation of the wild increase? Did any of this give you the creeps? I bet at least a few of these had you in awe.

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